Insights – empowering decisions is an organization that manages data science services to find strategies that improve the efficiency of companies through the exploration of data and people to find feasible solutions and the best way to make decisions.

We use different methodologies to find the factors that have an impact on a result. We provide tools to continually find solutions and viable projects to improve the performance of processes and work teams.

Since all organizations are always looking for better results from their activities, it is necessary to use the value of the information and use it as a valuable trigger for knowledge, thus promoting continuous improvement based on the organization's nervous system, which is the information .

We create models to analyze the information and identify possible events before they occur, such as the departure or absence of an employee, the occurrence of a safety incident, the delivery of a defective product, the malfunction of a machine, as well as the best strategy of marketing, the best extra time of distribution, etc.

Our trained professionals are able to collect, refine, process and analyze information that companies normally keep to analyze and convert information obtained in knowledge to help in different areas:

  • Make strategic and operational decisions
  • Lighten the workload for users and organizations
  • Understanding processes
  • Identification of patterns
  • Process improvement
  • Predictive analysis
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Detection of anomalies
  • Association learning

​All derived from commercial intelligence.

Many organizations do not take advantage of the information for different reasons:

  • The dynamics of the operation consume all the attention
  • There are no trained personnel
  • Companies do not know the new methods available to improve their governance
  • Budgets are adjusted
  • On the other hand, counting on modern and specialized tools to innovate processes, create new scenarios, change paradigms, develop new strategies and grow alternatives; everything is possible with the support of Insights.

  • We have an alizanza with the company Level Up, which helps organizations to train people and work teams through the training of people to achieve better efficiency.

Information is an intangible asset of great value, it must be used as a detonator of power to make decisions.

M A I N   S E R V I C E S

Profiles for hiring

Security incidents

Rotation and absenteeism


M A I N   S E R V I C E S