Leaving our comfort zone allows us to discover new ways of being more productive. To change deeply rooted habits and behaviors, our coaching and mentoring processes focus on developing tools and techniques that will transform themselves into skills and behaviors to be more efficient and successful in their work life.

  • Develop specific skills that will make you excel in the labor field; helping the participant to make his life and work more efficient.
  • Mentoring of daily activities allows to help participants to be more efficient and have greater security when using new techniques; eg: send emails, appointments, interviews, etc.
  • Weekly or biweekly sessions that allow developing skills quickly; which will be reinforced later to ensure a change.
  • Highly practical sessions where the participants, with the help of coaches, will master the tools and techniques; increasing the possibility of success at the moment of leaving the session.


18 hour coaching
From 8 to 20 people

Transition from being a seller to a service provider and allows you to be perceived as an assistant and process facilitator instead of annoying sellers. By completing this coaching the participants will use a convincing process for their specific product, will be able to identify in what real step find each client and they will increase the prospect and sales


18 hours
From 8 to 20 people

Develops in managers and executives the ability to communicate and manage better work teams, increase your leadership inspirational and generate processes of continuous improvement and innovation to through the collectivity. Upon completion of the coaching of the participants can improve performance working in a team, exercising better leadership and improving their internal communication capacity and external


18 hour coaching
From 8 to 20 people

Increase the productivity of the first level of management in your company; First supervisors, team leaders and groups are key positions because these are the ones that control the largest amount of human resources in the industry. By completing this coaching the participants will achieve through playful methods identify behaviors that generate a bad work environment, will use tools to increase the willingness and collaboration in their lines and manage the available human resources much better. ​​


18 hours
From 4 to 10 people

Inspires to speak and increases the ability to communicate with strength, conviction and clarity these tools will mark the difference in the number of followers and people that we will move to the action. By completing this coaching the participants will achieve more inspiring in public speaking will be more impactful in their various types of presentations and will succeed in excelling others speakers significantly.