Make a change and make this permanent is challenging us to leave our comfort zone to change habits and behaviors very
rooted in our person. Through our weekly Coaching and Mentoring processes, participants will develop tools and
techniques that together with the practice, through the weeks and even months, they will be able to transform themselves
in abilities and behaviors that will allow them be more efficient and successful in your day to day.

  • Fourteen weekly coaching sessions, 2 hrs. 15 minutes, which allow you to quickly develop 1 to 3 skills per session and which will be reinforced in subsequent weeks to ensure a permanent change.
  • Mentoring of daily activities allows to help participants to be more efficient and have greater security when using new techniques; eg: send emails, appointments, interviews, meetings.
  • Highly practical sessions where the participants, with the help of coaches, will master the tools and techniques; increasing the possibility of success when leaving the session
  • All tools have an application in personal and work life; helping the participant to make his life and work more efficient.
Develops tools and communication techniques, leadership,
collaboration and approach to increase efficiency, productivity and
personal and labor impact.


We are located in the best innovation center of the city
(Technology Hub) and by participating in Level Up you will immediately have your reach networking opportunities, special events and
business opportunities.

​Our training rooms are adaptable for the number of
participants, having a comfortable and just training place to the
measure of your group.

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